Gefi-Fruit Geerts LV


We are a fruit farm that specialized in Conférence pears..

We are located in the middle of the Waasland, the area that is known for its very good land for fruit growing. Our orchards are on a very good clay soil, adjacent to the Schelde, which the quality of the pears is very strong, hardly any frost sensitive.
We produce, sort, and store only their own production.
Quality is our priority!
From harvest to June, we can guarantee delivery.
Are very flexible in the deliver of quantities, sizes and type of packaging..


We have only our own grown pears. There is not of other growers bought. The pears are preserved in modern ammonia refrigeration.
Sorting and packaging is also done by us.
Sorting happens on the water, so that the probability of damage to a minimum. Sorting will take place on 5 or 10 mm,or on weight, depending on the client’s wishes.
The company is Global Gap certified.

Our seasonal workers are in accordance with the legal provisions and with the necessary comfort to be hosted by us on the company.

Green Ecology

The production process at our company is an environmentally conscious way:

Solar panels

Fully insulated fruit shed

Variable speed drives on our refrigeration

Use of a natural refrigerant

Rainwater is collected and reused

To the future, we will always seek to attract investments in the framework of green ecology.

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